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Excellent seller, great product, fitted it today and it’s doing what it should

As described. Works and removes ELV fault. Fast shipping. Thank you.

My bmw 320d e91 started without any problem after connecting the emulator. I saved 1500 euros that the BMW workshop asked me to replace the steering. THANK YOU

Does exactly what it says, reset my R56 Mini steering lock and got rid of the constant warning light

Brilliant item fast delivery would recommend. Many thanks

Brilliant item and seller. Lightening dispatch. Many thanks +++

Thankyou so much works perfectly

Dear team I just wanted to thank you all for your help I delighted to say due my Mini R55 is up and running again Thank you for your prompt action in getting the Reset tool too me it’s very much appreciated and I will certainly be recommending you thank you all again Have a great weekend Yours Sincerely Paul Milln

Just to say worked as described. Just note for future buyers

I just wanna say I guys are rock stars and am super grateful your company exists. I even bought a computer and cable to try and unlock everything myself if this didn’t work but it worked flawlessly the first try and saved me from hours upon hours of having to learn coding. Thank you guys so much for giving me my ride back and making things a little easier on these ridiculous cars. Take care and keep up the good work

Fantastic product and great support and communications. This is the only plug and play I could find on Ebay as the reset tool was an absolute necessity for me and i suspect for a lot of other purchasers who may have not looked into the issues surrounding this problem. I had been using ISTA+ and a laptop to reset the ELV, this reset device ended the need for all of that and completes the job in seconds. Cannot recommend strongly enough.

Let me say your reset unit is great and works perfectly for resetting the ELV counter. Saves loads of time rather than ESTA + with laptop – thanks.

Fabulous seller, A1 communication and a great product which saved me over £400 in garage charges to fix the problem. I highly recommend this seller. 5 stars.

Absolutely amazing, I have ordered 2 emulators before from another company they were both faulty. Got this one and worked straight away. Do not use any other company apart from these guys. Over the moon, very fast delivery.

If you have this problem buy it. It’s truly the turning point. I wish I had found it sooner.

Success ! The car starts and drives as it should. Thank you so much for your help and advice. I have left you a 5 star review on feedback.

Fast delivery well packaged. Bit of a faff to fit with the plug being stuck so I had to wiggle upside down under the dash to get the plug free and I’m not small. Anyway the emulator emulates well, it has an led light to show its operation, green, white and red and the engine starts. I can’t clear the critical fault light though with my reset tool so I ordered the obd plug and play elv reset which solved my problem in seconds. Great piece of kit, it works as described. Nice one.

Great seller with quick responses! Helped me out to start my car which had not started for months. Product works as described and cannot recommend anyone else than this seller for elv emulators.

What an amazing product. I was skeptical whether this tool would work but I have had an amazing result!!!

These tools worked perfectly. In my case, I had warning sign but still ELV works and could start engine. Install procedure is very simple. I used “Resetter” and the sign had gone. Really satisfied with these tools.

Good day to you. Today I just received the reset tool, without wasting more time, I plugged it into the car. Within 5 minutes, the whole car system reset and I can start the car effortlessly. You guys did a tremendous job by creating the emulator and the reset tool. I really appreciate it, and it saved my day! Amazing guys! Thank you!

Absolutely perfect . No more issues . Wow so good . I am now a bmw certified technician

High quality item as described , Very helpful to get it installed and operational. Very satisfied .

Totally brilliant first class item

Did the job as described.

Worked perfect and arrived early .

High quality part. Installation was easy. Would definitely order from them again. Great communication !

Brilliant product – did the job!

I purchased both the Reset Module and Emulator a couple weeks ago and it arrived from the UK to California in a little over a week. I only had to use the reset module to reset the steering wheel lock counter and it resolved it in about 30 seconds. Put key in ignition > Press button to turn on car > Plug in Reset Module > Wait > Error is gone > Car now fully starts and turns over The error shown in the video started occurring on my 2007 328i 4D sedan after I replaced the battery. It still was able to turn on and turn over and I was able to drive it for a couple of weeks with no issues, but the error would still always be shown on the dash. I assume that the counter was slowly increasing, as I drove, until after a couple of weeks where when I was trying to leave for work, the car would not turn over anymore, but it could still start (pressing on button – headlights, radio, infotainment system, etc. on). Thought it was a battery issue since that was the only change, so I tried jump starting and installing another new battery to no avail. Also tried some stuff with the fuse box, but that didn’t work either. Didn’t think the steering wheel lock error was an issue initially, since I was still able to drive, but I later noticed that when inserting the key fob there was no click sound from the steering wheel like there usually was. So then I looked up the red steering wheel lock error and read that after a certain number of attempts, the steering wheel will lock and the engine will not start. Read across many forums of having to purchase an OBD cable that connects to your laptop and then downloading additional software to be able to diagnose and code BMW errors. Not really tech-savy, so didn’t want to have to do that. Luckily I came across this video and decided to take a chance and purchase it to try (was about $150 USD for both parts) and luckily it worked like a charm. In my situation I only needed the reset module. My potential next steps were starter and alternator, but I had doubts about that since they were working fine initially. Thank goodness the reset module ended up being legit which saved me thousands of dollars if I ended up replacing both parts which wouldn’t have fixed the issue anyway. Shout out to for quick shipment and actually sending out products that work. Simple to use and fixed my steering lock error quickly. Thanks for saving my car and money! Note: This is a legitimate testimony, not a fake nor paid review. Since there’s little traction on this channel and their products, just wanted to share my experience to put peoples’ minds at ease if anyone is skeptical. Also, I’m not saying that this will 100% solve your specific issue, but the products do work. Please do your research and see if this solution fits. Thank you and take care. Good luck!

Saved the day mini r56 is back on the road

Excellent item. Worked perfect

Hey guys, great device, it works! Thanks a lot.

Did exactly what it says it does! Literally got my BMW up and running again after months of not being able to turn it on.

This thing is literally like magic! Amazing!

This little widget saved hundreds compared to going to a specialist to have the problem fixed, or to a dealer who wanted to charge almost what the car is worth!

Tres bon produit a eliminé le code d’erreur

I Received the KIT today. Installed and the Bimmer E91 ELV problem is solved !

Very clever thing Saved a lot of money and energy

I have received my reset module and the emulator today I hooked it up this afternoon. it took only 30 seconds to reset the steering lock error thank you and well done

Fast ship..Very pleased..worked great as described. Thank you very much! Recommend this kit for any Bmw/mini with steering lock cas code.

Man you are the best! It did everything. Thanks again.

Fixed my 325d, Steering lock faulty, sorted in under 1 min..great service

Great product, recommend you buy with the reset tool. Takes approximately 30 mins to complete the installation, when you take into account removing 3 covers ( Top and bottom of the steering column along with one panel to the right of the steering column Mini R56 )