Will it work if the steering lock fault light is illuminated and the engine does not start?

Yes, of course. If your car is already in a non-start non-crank condition, the emulator and the RESET tool together will be the perfect solution for you.

My ELV is currently locked. Will the RESET tool unlock it before connecting the emulator?

Yes, of course, the RESET tool will automatically unlock your ELV, and then you can connect the emulator.

Is it necessary to remove the original steering lock mechanism after the installation of the emulator?

No. It is absolutely safe to leave the original lock mechanism in place because a spring mechanism secures the steering lock in an unlocked position. Despite urban legends, it will never lock accidentally.

Can i use the RESET tool multiple times?

Yes, of course, you can use it as many times as you want with your car.

I have installed another kind of emulator. Nothing happened and my car still not starting. Will yours work?

Yes, of course. Our emulator and our RESET tool always solve the problem, and your car will start again.

Should the LED on the emulator light up continuously?

It must not light up continuously!
-After successfully unlocking, the LED should flash green for about half of a second.
-After a successful lock, the LED should flash red for about half of a second.
-When CAS cannot communicate with the Emulator, the LED must flash white 3 times (In case of a communication error).
If the LED does not light up at all, your CAS has already disabled ignition and the unlocking of the steering.
You need our RESET tool in this case.

Is the plug of the ELV module is always black?

Yes. The brake light switch plug is similar in shape but white in color. Never connect the emulator to the white plug.