ELV emulator for the BMW E-series and also for Mini R55, R56 with electric steering lock. Quickly resolve ELV module problems. The emulator simulates a perfectly working ELV for the CAS. Thus, no more check control message and the BMW starts again.

Advantages against other ELV emulators:
-Only plugs in one way. This eliminates the guesswork about pin connection. EQUIPPED WITH PERFECT FIT PLUG TYPE!
-30 days money back guarantee
-protective plastic case included, which protects item from short circuit, dust, condenstaion, mechanical damage.
-longer connector cable which provides easier placement and installation.
-compatible with 3 and 4 pin ELV modules too.
-Plug and Play, no additional programming necessary (must reset CAS error counters in some cases)

If the steering wheel lock on your BMW or MINI is faulty, the emulator can solve the problem cost effectively. Ignoring the fault will lead to steering locking you out and resulting in a non-start of your car. Of course, BMW Workshop wants to replace the complete steering column in this case.

Installation of the emulator is quick and simple:

Remove trim panel under steering column (3 screws). Disconnect the 3 or 4 pin plug from your ELV unit. That is located approximately in the middle of the steering column. Plug the car connector onto the emulator and start the car. After installation of ELV emulator, the vehicle has no more errors and starts normally.

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BMW & MINI ELV emulator 4pin
Compatible with 3 and 4 pin ELV modules too. (pin4 remains disconnected if you have a 3pin ELV module)
BMW & MINI ELV emulator 3pin
Only for 3 pin ELV modules. (BMW 1 series until 12/2014)